I conduct my research in the STORM research group, which covers a broad range of Computer Graphics. My activities are structured in different projects and teams (see dedicated websites for more details and publications).

SSLAM (website): My activities on 3d point cloud processing are gathered in the SSLAM project, which aim at developing and demonstrating a framework for the interactive analysis and understanding of acquired 3d point clouds with billions of points, a task that is out of reach of existing techniques. This project is founded by the ANR (French National Research Agency , project page) with the support of the Labex CIMI.

UNREAL (website): I am co-head of the UNREAL research team, which gathers researchers from various fields of computer science and mathematics – including computer graphics, statistics, probabilistic modeling, mathematical optimization, topology of manifolds, varifolds and metrics, image processing, artificial intelligence, computer vision, signal processing – for investigating « Unstructured Data Analysis ». This team is founded by the Labex CIMI.

MCGRad (website): In collaboration with researchers of the EDStar consortium, we work on models and tools speeding up Monte Carlo algorithms for the physical simulation of radiative transfer, by studying and exploiting the geometrical properties of the physical data.

T.PLAY (more coming soon)


Main research topics

Including, but not restricted to:

  • Point-based shape analysis [project page]
    • Efficient deep-learning on large-scale point clouds: PCEDNet.
    • Persistence Analysis of Multi-scale Planar Structure Graph in Point Clouds
    • Growing Least Squares analysis: porting some ideas from the Scale-Space theory to unstructured point-cloud analysis,
    • RAPter: A robust reconstruction techniques finding planes and their relations in complex point clouds.
  • Point-cloud registration [project page]
    • Super4PCS: A fast and efficient algorithm for descriptor-free global point-cloud registration,
    • Relative scale estimation for multi-modal 3d geometry registration.
  • Computational physics [project page]
    • Developing models and tools speeding up the physical simulation of radiative transfer, by studying and exploiting the geometrical properties of the physical data.

Less-active topics

Open calls

Feel free to contact me if you are interested by internships, fellowships or visit in our team.
Checkout this page for additional funding opportunities and calls:
Topics can be (but are not limited to): shape and pattern analysis, registration, shape matching, geometry processing.

Funded projects


  • MCG-Rad: Monte-Carlo Global Radiative Forcings Computation
    Personal interests: geometry analysis of high-dimensional data (post-doc supervision)
    Partners: LMD (EMC3, ABCt), LAPLACE (GREPHE), IRIT