Main research topics

Including, but not restricted to:

  • Point-based shape analysis [project page]
    • Efficient deep-learning on large-scale point clouds: PCEDNet.
    • Persistence Analysis of Multi-scale Planar Structure Graph in Point Clouds
    • Growing Least Squares analysis: porting some ideas from the Scale-Space theory to unstructured point-cloud analysis,
    • RAPter: A robust reconstruction techniques finding planes and their relations in complex point clouds.
  • Point-cloud registration [project page]
    • Super4PCS: A fast and efficient algorithm for descriptor-free global point-cloud registration,
    • Relative scale estimation for multi-modal 3d geometry registration.
  • Computational physics [project page]
    • Developing models and tools speeding up the physical simulation of radiative transfer, by studying and exploiting the geometrical properties of the physical data.

Less-active topics

Open calls

Feel free to contact me if you are interested by internships, fellowships or visit in our team.
Checkout this page for additional funding opportunities and calls:
Topics can be (but are not limited to): shape and pattern analysis, registration, shape matching, geometry processing.

Funded projects


  • MCG-Rad: Monte-Carlo Global Radiative Forcings Computation
    Personal interests: geometry analysis of high-dimensional data (post-doc supervision)
    Partners: LMD (EMC3, ABCt), LAPLACE (GREPHE), IRIT