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Our research group is part of the IRIT Laboratory  (UMR CNRS 5505).

We conduct research on computer graphics, including geometric modeling,  3D animation and rendering.



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Latest news

Seminar 31/08 – Path Space Analysis for Rendering

For the first seminar of this year 2018-2019, Hugo Rens and François Desrichard will give a presentation for the end of their master internship.

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Seminar 19/07 – SCA 2018 Feedback + Projective Dynamics

This week’s STORM seminar is dedicated to “SCA 2018 Feedback” and a quick overview of the simulation method: Projective Dynamics that will be presented by Nadine Aburumman.

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Seminar 06/07 – Forest Environment Mapping based on Mobile Laser Scanning

For the weekly seminar of the STORM research group, Jie Shao will give a presentation on Forest Environment Mapping based on Mobile Laser Scanning.

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