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Our research group is part of the IRIT Laboratory  (UMR CNRS 5505).

We conduct research on computer graphics, including geometric modeling,  3D animation and rendering.
Once a month we organize an invited STORM seminar, where academic or industrial researchers, or artists present their work. Checkout this page for more details: past speakers, organization, and contact.



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Latest news

Seminar 17/05 – Invited speaker David Coeurjolly – Geometry processing on Voxel Objects

For the weekly seminar of the STORM research group, David Coeurjolly(webpage), Directeur de Recherche CNRS from LIRIS lab in Lyon, will give a talk on Geometry processing on Voxel Objects.…

New video: Skeleton Based Cage Generation

Checkout the video of our latest paper:

Skeleton Based Cage Generation Guided by Harmonic Fields. Sara Casti, Marco Livesu, Nicolas Mellado, Nadine Abu Rumman, Riccardo Scateni, et al.. Computers and Graphics, Elsevier, In press.

Seminar 26/04 – Point Cloud Edge Detection Network – Chems-Eddine Himeur

For the next STORM seminar, Chems-Eddine Himeur will give a presentation on Point Cloud Edge Detection Network.…