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Our research group is part of the IRIT Laboratory  (UMR CNRS 5505).

We conduct research on computer graphics, including geometric modeling,  3D animation and rendering.
Once a month we organize an invited STORM seminar, where academic or industrial researchers, or artists present their work. Checkout this page for more details: past speakers, organization, and contact.

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Latest news

[storm][storm-seminar] Webinar 05/06 – Interns

For the next STORM webinar, Interns will present their internship topic. Here is the title and abstract of their internship topic. Loïc Robert : Skull Retro-distorsion. After millennia underground, any piece of History can get damaged. It doesn’t except human and animals bones. In this work we focus on the deformation of crushed skulls, in order to estimate the original undeformed shape (a process called retro-distortion).…

New Siggraph paper on Replicability in Computer Graphics

We are very pleased to announce that our project on replicability has been accepted to Siggraph 2020.

Checkout more at replicability.graphics !

We are pleased to announce that our project on Computer Graphics Replicability has been accepted to Siggraph'20. We compiled and ran 151 codes out of 374 SIGGRAPH papers from 2014, 2016, 2018.…

CGAL offers Point-Cloud registration thanks to OpenGR

We are proud to announce that the opensource library OpenGR is now shipped with CGAL, alongside libPointMatcher, to offer fast and reliable point-cloud registration.

Checkout more details on CGAL website: https://www.cgal.org/2020/03/23/Registration/

This news appears also here:

Really proud to see this project now available !Congrats Necip Fazil Yildiran https://t.co/OA1wawP34l

— Nicolas Mellado (@nmellado0) March 25, 2020