Monte-Carlo Simulation and PBR

This project focuses on the improvement of Monte-Carlo integration in Computer Graphics and Computational Physics.

We are currently following three main research directions:

  1. For Computer Graphics applications. we seek at studying how to bring user control in Physically-Based Rendering, by structuring the simulated data and provide high-level control to the user.
  2. By studying the geometry of the light-paths space, we aim at developing new and more powerful sampling strategies for light transport simulation
  3. In Computational Physics, we focus on the design of efficient sampling strategies for Monte-Carlo integration in the context of Radiative Forcing Computation, and applied to climatic simulation at the planet scale.

1. User control for Physically-Based Rendering

2. Light-paths space structuring in Computer Graphics


Participants [STORM]
  • Mathias Paulin
  • David Vanderhaeghe

3. Radiative Forcing and Monte-Carlo Integration

Website: coming soon…

Participants [STORM]
  • Mathias Paulin
  • Nicolas Mellado
  • LMD: Jean-Louis Dufresne (coordinator), Cyril Crevoisier, Frédéric Hourdin, Raymond Armante, Adriana Sima,
  • LAPLACE [GREPHE]: Richard Fournier, Stéphane Blanco, Paule Lapeyre-Dubocs, Léa Penazzi, Jean-Marc Tregan
  • Méso-Star: Christophe Coustet, Vincent Eymet