The UNREAL project

The UNREAL project-team gathers researchers from various fields of computer science and mathematics – including computer graphics, statistics, probabilistic modeling, mathematical optimization, topology of manifolds, varifolds and metrics, image processing, artificial intelligence, computer vision, signal processing – for investigating « Unstructured Data Analysis ».

Researchers in the Unreal team are members of the IMT, the IRIT et the LAAS and they share their expertise, with a first focus on 3D data (i.e. unorganized 3D point clouds), in order to identify and explore new original and promising research directions, and conduct innovative researches. They both study theoretical models and effective new solutions. They also closely collaborate with industrial partners in the lidar acquisition and eolian domains.

The UNREAL project-team is supported since 2022 by the LabeX CIMI, which gathers the laboratories IMTIRIT, and LAAS.

We organize scientific events dealing with unstructured data analysis such as a regular working groups, workshops, conferences, etc. We also have open positions listed here.

Contact: unreal-dir AT irit DDot fr

Current working groups

Topological data analysis

This group gather mathematicians and computer scientists to develop new technics of Topological Data Analysis (TDA) tailored for unstructured data.

Geometric measures theory

This group gather mathematicians and computer scientists to study tools coming from Geometric Measure Theory, in order to efficiently characterize local structures/features(e.g. corners and edges).