Open Positions

We are hiring: research interns, engineers, PhD, post-doc and other research vacancies. Spontaneous applications are welcome.
Contact us directly for more details, see team-members page for contact details.

PhD thesis

  • In collaboration with the Laplace laboratory (Laboratoire Plasma et Conversion d’Energie), we offer a PhD position on Radiative Forcing at the Earch scale using Monte Carlo.
    Expected candidate background: Computer Science, and/or (Applied) Mathematics  and/or Physics.
    Checkout the job description here (in french), and contact nicolasDOTmelladoATiritDOTfr for more details or English description.


Proposal ideas and on-going projects:

  • Décimation​ ​polygonale​ (Collaboration with HapticMedia, continuation as CIFRE PhD) [proposal]
  • Stroke based rendering by example [proposal]
  • Implementation of the paper Edge-Aware Point Set Resampling (link) in Radium-Engine
  • Development of a point-cloud registration software using OpenGR and Radium [proposal]
  • 3D Point-Cloud Structuring by Learning [proposal]

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Past projects

Google Summer of Code


  • 2018: Color point cloud structure for picture color grading (project) [Paul Bernardi]
  • 2018: Analyse et Structuration de l’espace des chemins lumineux [project] [Hugo Rens]
  • 2018: Reconstruction automatique d’un modèle articulé (project) [Olivier Hachette]
  • 2018: Échantillonage dans l’espace des chemins lumineux (project) [Francois Descrichard]
  • 2017: Analyse , segmentation et reconstruction de structures tubulaires dans des nuages de points [Thibault Lejemble]
  • 2017: Simplication de maillage multi-objets représentant des objets manufacturés [Xavier Chalut]

Licence 3 (undergrad)

  • 2017: Line-Based rendering of Point Clouds [Fatemi Arezou]
  • 2017: Structural Colour Point Clouds Analysis [Baptise Delos]
  • 2017: Data extraction and analysis during image synthesis rendering process [Sofiane Tardami]
  • 2017: Continuous integration for Radium [Verdiana De Fino]
  • 2017: Modéliser les déformations d’un pinceau lors d’interaction [Suzanne Sorli] – Fast-Foward Slides
  • 2017: Évolution d’un moteur de rendu 3D [Matthieu Locussol]
  • 2017: Soutien au développement d’un logiciel “Stand-Alone” pour la présentation et l’expérimentation de la technologie “Implicit Skinning” [Axel Colas]