• Rendering
  • Geometry
  • Animation
  • Color

Full research report.

On-going Projects

  • CALITROP (ANR-16-CE33-0026-01)
  • Acquired Point-Cloud processing (Collaboration with Airbus IDLab)

Skinning with implicits

This projects explores the joint use of meshes (the standard representation for 3D animations) and volumetric scalar functions (usually restricted to collision detections) for deforming virtual characters when they are animated.

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Structural Color Processing

This project focuses on the definition of new models and editing tools for color images, by studying the geometrical properties of color sample sets.

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Ended projects

  • Ray portals (TTT industrial transfer)
  • MAPSTYLE (ANR CONTINT 2012-2016).
  • ATUPS (visiting collaboration for PhD student, with KIT, 2014)
  • AMPERE (ANR …)
  • Animare (ANR JCJC 2009-2012).



  • Oktal SE (Toulouse): 1 PhD thesis (CIFRE)
  • Airbus IDLab (Toulouse)