STORM is a Computer&Graphics Research group in Toulouse, France. We conduct research on Rendering, Geometry, Animation and Color (see Full research report).
Our group is open to research and industrial collaborations, and we enforce discussions and sharing with our STORM Seminar Series.

On-going Projects

Monte-Carlo Simulation and PBR

This project focuses on the improvement of Monte-Carlo integration in Computer Graphics and Computational Physics.…

3D Point-Cloud Registration

This project aims at studying efficient and reliable methods for 3d point-cloud registration. We focus on global pairwise registration, ie. on the estimation of the relative pose between two point-clouds without considering an initial transformation guess.…

3D Point-Cloud Analysis

This project focuses on the analysis of complex acquired 3D point clouds, in order to discover and characterize high level properties of the underlying shapes.…

Skinning with implicits

This projects explores the joint use of meshes (the standard representation for 3D animations) and volumetric scalar functions (usually restricted to collision detections) for deforming virtual characters when they are animated.…

Structural Color Processing

This project focuses on the definition of new models and editing tools for color images, by studying the geometrical properties of color sample sets.…

Ended projects

  • Ray portals (TTT industrial transfer)
  • MAPSTYLE (ANR CONTINT 2012-2016).
  • ATUPS (visiting collaboration for PhD student, with KIT, 2014)
  • AMPERE (ANR …)
  • Animare (ANR JCJC 2009-2012).



  • Oktal SE (Toulouse): 1 PhD thesis (CIFRE)