STORM Seminar Series

Once a month we organize a seminar for an invited speaker, to present recent research results or on-going projects, industrial or production needs and pipelines. Invited speakers are encouraged to visit the team for one or several days.

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Invited Speakers

Planned seminars

Expected seminars

Past seminars

  • 2019-07-06: Maud Marchal [webpage] 3D multimodal interaction with virtual environments [more…]
  • 2019-05-17: David Coeurjolly [webpage] – Geometry processing on Voxel Objects [more…]
  • 2019-03-29: Richard Fournier & Stephane Blanco [team webpage] Monte-Carlo Simulation in Physics [more…]
  • 2019-01-17: Romain Vergne [webpage] Ensuring congruency between light & shape [more …]
  • 2018-12-11: Ali Hamdan [lkdn, imdb] 3D Virtual Character Animation in production pipelines [more…]
  • 2018-11-30: Noura Faraj [webpage] Structuring data for editing and visualization [more…]
  • 2018-11-09: Sébastien Loriot  – CGAL [more…]