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Patate is a C++/CUDA header only library for graphics applications, co-developed with the Inria team manao. It provides a collection of Computer Graphics techniques that incorporate the latest innovations from research teams working in the field. It strives for efficiency and ease-of-use by focusing on low-level core operators and key algorithms, organised in modules that each tackle a specific set of issues.…

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OpenGR is an open-source C++ library for 3D point-clouds Global Registration. It is a fork of the Super4PCS library, awarded by the SGP Software Award 2017.

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Radium Engine

Radium is a multi-purpose modular 3d engine for research and educational use.

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Implicit Skinning Demo (New version available !)

(06/2019) ISDemo-v2019.04 distributed under non-commercial license. Based on our TOG 2014 paper,  we distribute a stand-alone demo software illustrating the skin deformations produced by the time dependent version of the implicit skinning. Binaries are available for Linux, MacOS and Windows. …

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Maturation Programs

Implicit Skinning Maya Plug-In

(09/2018) ISMaya-v2018.09 distributed for commercial use. Based on our TOG 2013 and TOG 2014 publications,  we propose a Maya plug-in for Linux (ISMaya-v2018.09) implementing both the time independent (2013) and the time dependent (2014) versions of the implicit skinning.…

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3DSI: automatic processing of polygonal meshes

3DSI is an industrial solution for cleaning detailed and technical 3D meshes to lightweight models, for instance to ease their visualization in WebGL. 3DSI is made to process assets databases, and can be ran on remote server thanks to its command line interface (CLI). We also provide a C++ SDK for a better integration in your applications.…

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Ray Portals – Blender Cycle

Ray Portals is an approach to control light propagation in path-based 3d renderers, enabling user-control in physically-based rendering engines. In this maturation program we developed a demonstrator in Blender Cycle.…

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