Seminar 01/06 – Internship Presentations

For the weekly seminar of the STORM research group, Sandra Alfaro-Romero and Gwendal Patat will give a presentation for the end of their internship.

The presentations are the following: – Implémentation d’algorithmes de recalage de nuage de points dans la bibliothèque OpenGR by Sandra Alfaro-Romero – Light Path visualization using the Radium Engine by Gwendal Patat…

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Seminar 13/04 – Toward versatile rendering in the Radium Engine

For the STORM seminar on Friday, April 13, Mathias Paulin will give a presentation titled Toward versatile rendering in the Radium Engine.

Abstract The Radium Engine was first developed for animation purpose, then geometry processing. Its now time to allow also advanced rendering functionalities in the Radium Engine. For now, each of us develop their shaders and renderers, following the monolithic design of the rendering layer in Radium.…

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