Seminar 17/06 – Linda Ablaoui and Lowin Kossel – M1 internships

For the STORM seminar of next week, Linda Ablaoui and Lowin Kossel will give a presentation of their internship work.

Linda Ablaoui: Point cloud normals estimation and lines classification
Abstract the first aim of this internship is to implement a Radium Plugin to estimate the normals of a point cloud using the acquisition trajectory of that point cloud to compute directions. The second aim is to use PCEDNET to recognize and reconstruct lines in a point cloud.

Lowin Kossel: Ray tracing for Radium Engine
Abstract I am working on a ray tracer for Radium Engine using the Embree library. The objective of this ray tracer is to stay as flexible as possible to allow any user of Radium to easily create his own ray tracer. Therefore I need to implement all the functionality needed for a normal ray tracer and to provide an API that makes the use of Embree completely transparent to the user.

This seminar will take place on Friday 17/06 at 12:45pm in room Salle des thèses at IRIT.