Seminar 27/09 – Arthur Floquet – Unsupervised Tuning of Denoising Algorithms Parameters

For the next STORM seminar, Arthur Floquet, from the MINDS team will give a presentation titled: Unsupervised Tuning of Denoising Algorithms Parameters. This presentation will be given in French.

Abstract: Denoising is omnipresent in image processing. It is usually addressed with algorithms relying on a set of hyperparameters that control the quality of the recovered image. Manual tuning of those parameters can be a daunting task, which calls for the development of automatic tuning methods. Given a denoising algorithm, the best set of parameters is the one that minimizes the error between denoised and ground-truth images. Clearly, this ideal approach is unrealistic, as the ground-truth images are unknown in practice. In this work, we propose unsupervised cost functions — i.e., that only require the noisy image — together with dedicated inference schemes that allow us to reach this gold standard ideal performance.
The presentation will be in French. 

This seminar will take place on Wednesday 27/09 at 12:45am in room Salle des thèses at IRIT.