Seminar 11/10 – Mathias Paulin – [Reading Group] A Differential Theory of Radiative Transfer

For the next STORM seminar, Mathias Paulin will lead a reading group on: A Differential Theory of Radiative Transfer.

The paper is accessible at:
Every attendee is supposed to read the paper before the seminar.

Abstract: Physics-based differentiable rendering is the task of estimating the derivatives of radiometric measures with respect to scene parameters. The ability to compute these derivatives is necessary for enabling gradient-based optimization in a diverse array of applications: from solving analysis-by-synthesis problems to training machine learning pipelines incorporating forward rendering processes. Unfortunately, physics-based differentiable rendering remains challenging, due to the complex and typically nonlinear relation between pixel intensities and scene parameters.

This seminar will take place on Wednesday 11/10 at 12:45am in room Salle des thèses at IRIT.