Seminar 20/09 – Digitizing real sceneries for VFX on set

For the next STORM seminar, François Desrichard and Lucas Sousseing, Les Tontons Truqueurs, will give a presentation titled: Digitizing real sceneries for VFX on set. This presentation will be given in French.

Abstract: In the film and TV series industries, VFX on set solutions bring the promise of spending less time in post-production by accomplishing visual effects during the shooting itself.
A common use case is to replace the green walls of a movie studio in real time by a virtual scene modeled from an existing place.
While simple, this scenario already raises several technical challenges:
Can we efficiently build a virtual scene that is faithful to the real scenery?
Is there a way to keep the content and lighting of the virtual scene interactive?
Are we sure that the virtual scene will render in real time?
We will present you how we currently approach these challenges at Les Tontons Truqueurs, and we would like to discuss future developments afterward.
The presentation will be in French. 

This seminar will take place on Wednesday 20/09 at 12:45am in room Salle des thèses at IRIT.