Implicit Skinning Demo

(09/2018) ISDemo-v2018.09 distributed under non-commercial license. Based on our TOG 2014 paper,  we distribute a stand-alone demo software illustrating the skin deformations produced by the time dependent version of the implicit skinning. Binaries are available for Linux, MacOS and Windows.

This demo includes three models (Capsule, Hand and Dana) and a hip-hop animation (for Dana). It also allows you to export the frame buffer (as PNG image) and meshes (as OBJ objects). It is based on the time dependent skinning method presented in our TOG 2014 paper (Robust iso-surface tracking for interactive character skinning by Vaillant et al.) improved with some new under-valorization content. The skinning algorithm is implemented on the CPU and multithreaded with Open MP.

Implicit Skinning in Maya: if you are interested by a better optimized professional version to skin your models, have a look at our Implicit Skinning Maya Plug-in.

For more information on the Implicit Sinning technique, see the ISk2011 project webpage.


Illustration videos