Implicit Skinning Maya Plug-In

(09/2018) ISMaya-v2018.09 distributed for commercial use. Based on our TOG 2013 and TOG 2014 publications,  we propose a Maya plug-in for Linux (ISMaya-v2018.09) implementing both the time independent (2013) and the time dependent (2014) versions of the implicit skinning.


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This plug-in is based on the skinning methods presented in our TOG 2013 (Implicit Skinning: Real-Time Skin Deformation with Contact Modeling by Vaillant et al.) and TOG 2014 (Robust Iso-Surface Tracking for Interactive Character Skinning by Vaillant et al.) papers improved with some new under-valorization content.

The technology transfer from our research prototypes to a Maya plug-in has been funded by Toulouse Tech Transfer and implemented by Caleido scop. It is available for commercial use and distributed by Toulouse Tech Transfer. Please contact us for any commercial information (


We are looking for industrial partners

We are looking for industrial partners to collaborate with us on the transfer of the Implicit Skinning in Maya. Depending on the planned collaboration, partners may have a dedicated access to the technology, special prices, specific developments, etc.

We would also be glad to establish a more privileged collaboration with a french company (PME or ETI) via a formalized and funded project such as an ANR LabCom.

For any information, contact Loïc Barthe.


ISMaya-v2018.09 plugin features

This is the first version of the implicit skinning distributed as a Maya plugin. We currently have a very small budget dedicated to research transfer and the development of this technology will depend on the interest shown by professionals. Here follows the features implemented in this version. If we can sell enough of them, we will be able to provide new versions better responding to our partners/customer need.

We present below the current features and lists of potential improvements, but we would be very happy to take benefit from your experience and suggestions. Please, feel free to contact us ( to share your thought and/or provide any useful insight.

Current ISMAYA-V2018.09 features

  • Currently the only skeleton deformation supported by the implicit skinning is joint rotation.
  • Automatic HRBF reconstruction from a model (mesh) equipped with its animation skeleton and a set of skinning weights. The weights are used for the mesh segmentation by bone.
  • Selection of the parts of the model that have to be skinned with the implicit skinning (with a weight map). You may want to use the implicit skinning on a few joints only, and this is provided in this version.
  • HRBF edition:
    • You can remove all HRBFs where you do not want to skin the model with the implicit skinning.
    • You can visualize one or all HRBFs, their control points and their associated normals (both points and normals are interpolated by the HRBF surface).
    • You can edit an HRBF by moving their control points or rotate their associated normal to better fit them on your mesh where contact may occur (see this video). This can be done in any pose.
    • You can edit an HRBF with its control points to adjust the shape on the outside part of a bending joint (see this video). This can be done in any pose.
    • When editing an HRBF, the mesh remains unchanged, only its deformations during the animation may be affected.


Next features that could easily be added

  • Windows and MacOs Maya plugin.
  • Having the mesh deformed according to the HRBF when the HRBF is edited.
  • Project a set of selected mesh vertices on the HRBF surface (for instance to better stabilize contacts in colliding areas).


New features under study

  • Support joint translation.
  • Support bone scales.
  • Optimization of the implicit skinning algorithm to make the deformations faster.


What could come next

  • Replace the HRBF surface edition by the edition of a mesh surface.
  • Better handle high frequency details on deformed parts of the mesh.


The implicit skinning in this Maya Plug-in


Demo of the implicit skinning