Seminar 21/07 – Constrained Palette-Space Exploration (Siggraph 2017)

Nicolas Mellado and David Vanderhaeghe are going to present one of their last contributions on constrained palette-space exploration. This presentation is a preview of the technical session that will take place the 1st August 2017 at Siggraph in Los Angles.

Program : – Fast Forward by David – Presentation by Nicolas

More details about the paper can be found here :

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Seminar 07/07 Sigg’17 papers presentation

This week’s seminar will be dedicated to several technical papers that will be presented this summer in Siggraph 2017. Each paper will be introduced by a fast presentation to emphasize the main contributions.

The program includes the following presentations: • Unmixing-Based Soft Color Segmentation for Image Manipulation, by Jean-Jacques • Decomposing Images into Layers via RGB-space Geometry, by David • Learning Hierarchical Shape Segmentation and Labeling from Online Repositories, by Anahid • FlowRep : Descriptive Curve Networks for Free-Form Design Shapes, by Xavier • Fluxed Animated Boundary Method, by Baptiste • Bounding Proxies for Shape Approximation, by Céline • BundleFusion: Real-time Globally Consistent 3D Reconstruction using Online Surface Re-integration, by Thibault • Multi-Scale Model for Simulating Liquid-Hair Interactions, by Nadine


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Seminar 04/14 EG Fast-Forward Rehearsal

This very special seminar is dedicated to 3 rehearsal sessions, featuring Valentin, Nadine and Céline.

Covered topics are amazing, and the performances are expected to be outstanding. Obviously, a banana-party will be organized afterward, to celebrate progresses in Science.

Come at 12:30 !…

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Seminar 04/07 by Xavier Chalut

Xavier Chalut is going to present is work on Efficient multi-objects mesh integration on Unity.

Abstract :

I will present my internship  whose central theme is : How to integrate a high-density polygonal model on Unity Engine keeping a good framerate. First, I will approach technical concepts and research papers linked with my subject, meaning mesh simplification and LOD concept.…

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