Seminar 01/12 – Cage Generation for Animation Purposes

For this weekly seminar, Sara Casti will present her last results on Cage Generation for Animation Purposes.

Computer animators need simple tools and techniques that allow them to reduce their workload in order to realize animations. Simplified structures (points, skeletons and cages), called handles, are designed in order to speed up animation pipeline. In cage-based deformation, the animators manipulate a coarse cage bounding the model to affect the space region inside the cage thus deforming the original model itself. Although points and skeletons design is quite simple, constructing a proper cage for the model is an expensive and time-consuming task because it is produced mainly by hand.
After a brief introduction of cages and their desired properties, we will see our proposed method to construct bounding cages for animation purpose, guided by the models’ skeleton. We will see details of our work, the problems we faced, and finally, we will see the cages obtained through our method.