Seminar 30/11 – Structuring data for editing and visualization – Noura Faraj

For the weekly seminar of the STORM research group, Noura Faraj from the Université de Montpellier will give a talk on Structuring data for editing and visualization.

This seminar will take place the 30/11 at 12:30pm in the Salle des Thèses at IRIT.

We present how to combine multi-scale, and complementary representations such as topologic and geometric structures adapted to the targeted application and tailored for an unexperienced user. These representations allow tackling efficiently a variety of complex problems especially in the context of pluridisciplinary projects. Their creation, use, and visualization have to be intuitive, interactive and controllable at a high level. In this setting, the modeling process and the abstraction are guide towards the information. For instance, we present a volume representation combining voxels and tetrahedra resulting in a hybrid versatile model adapted to a number of major applications in computer graphics — in particular in the context of medical images, a multi-scale complex for the volume multi-domain features, and a hierarchical structure — a tree of shapes, used to generate intuitively a variety of stylized version of an image.