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Our research group is part of the IRIT Laboratory  (UMR CNRS 5505).

We conduct research on computer graphics, including geometric modeling,  3D animation and rendering.
Once a month we organize an invited STORM seminar, where academic or industrial researchers, or artists present their work. Checkout this page for more details: past speakers, organization, and contact.

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Latest news

[storm][storm-seminar] Seminar 17/07 – Nicolas Mellado – Code Replicability in Computer Graphics

For the next STORM webinar, Nicolas Mellado will present the SIGGRAPH paper in which he participated as co-autor: Code Replicability in Computer Graphics. Abstract Being able to duplicate published research results is an important process of conducting research whether to build upon these findings or to compare with them. This process is called “replicability” when using the original authors’artifacts (e.g.,…

New PhD opportunity on Remote inspection of Wind Turbines using 3d laser scanner on a UAV

In collaboration with the french company AlphaWind, we propose this PhD opportunity in Toulouse. Checkout details on our webpage: Open Positions.


[storm][storm-seminar] Seminar 10/07 – Visibility in global illumination and real-time – Pierre Mézières

For the next STORM seminar, I will give a presentation titled : Visibility in global illumination and real-time.

Abstract In real-time rendering of global illumination, indirect shadows are a difficult challenge. When using virtual point light-based methods, visibility means being able to calculate the visibility between any point in a 3D scene and hundreds of lights.…