Meeting of Young Researchers in Artificial Intelligence (RJCIA)


The 17th Meeting of Young Researchers in Artificial Intelligence (RJCIA) targets young researchers in Artificial Intelligence: the first author of a submission to RJCIA must be a Ph.D. student, have defended in 2018, or be a Master student supervised for some research project in preparation of a Ph.D.. This meeting has two goals:

  • offer an opportunity for young researchers to meet and present their work, network with other young researchers, enlarge their perspectives, exchange with specialists from other Artificial Intelligence sub-fields;
  • train young researchers to writing scientific contributions, revise them according to the reviews, and present in front of specialists. This should help them to gather feedback from researchers of their domain or related domains.


We welcome all contributions related to Artificial Intelligence. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Automatic Learning
  • Knowledge Extraction and Management
  • Interacting with Human: Computer Environment for Human Learning (CEHL), Human-Computer Interfaces (HCI)
  • Shape recognition, vision
  • Knowledge Representation and reasoning
  • Robotic, Automation
  • Constraints and Satisfiability
  • Multi-Agent Systems and Autonomous Agents
  • Natural Language Processing

Contributions that are in the scope of one or the other specialized conferences of the plate-forme AI, and are judged of high quality by the Program Committee of RJCIA, will be recommended to the organizers of that specialized conference.


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Important Dates

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Program Committee

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Cooperation with other conferences

RJCIA is held in cooperation with JSAI 2019