Conference on Practical Applications of Artificial Intelligence (APIA)


Artificial intelligence (AI) is not a new concept. Nevertheless, we are in the renewal of AI with unprecedented growth. What has changed is research in recent years turn theoretical insights into practical applications in some areas and very promising results in others which are revolutionizing our daily lives.

The objective of this 4th National Conference on the Practical Applications of Artificial Intelligence (APIA 2019) is to highlight the real applications of AI that underline successful operationalization of AI and research outcomes.

These applications can implement one or more Facets of Artificial Intelligence such as:

  • Autonomous agents and multi-agent systems: simulation, planning, individual or collective decision...
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence, methodology, evaluation
  • Numerical and symbolic learning
  • Software environments of human learning
  • Artificial evolution, located systems, adaptive systems
  • Data mining, advanced databases, semantic web
  • Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Sharing
  • Collective intelligence, social intelligence, social networks
  • Smart Interfaces, Human-Machine Interaction, Ambiant Intelligence
  • AI Programming languages, logic programming, agent-oriented programming
  • Formal Logic and Tools for AI, Semantics
  • Scaling, system organization, emergence
  • Software platforms and development environments for AI
  • Model-based reasoning, knowledge-based reasoning, case-based reasoning
  • Probabilistic and uncertain reasoning, fuzzy logic
  • Spatial and temporal reasoning, physical environments
  • Operations research, constraint programming, scheduling
  • Knowledge Representation, Extraction and Knowledge Management
  • Artificial Neural Networks, Neuromimetic Approaches
  • Robotics, computer vision, smart sensors, physical systems
  • Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, Cognition, Affective Computing
  • Rule-based systems, decision support
  • Automatic language processing, terminology, natural language processing, explanation
  • Signal and image processing, speech processing
  • Web intelligence, internet of the future, Privacy by design for AI software

What are such applications that rely on AI or that require AI? From defense surveillance system to medical diagnostic system, from air conditioner to personal assistant, from driver assistance system to massive data analytics, etc., applications are numerous. Whether industrial, societal, economic, political, environmental, artistic or other, this conference is an opportunity to present real applications and scientific works whose outcomes are not only laboratory use-cases.  Contributions can illustrate very different fields automotive, robotics, defense and security, logistics, telecommunication, finance, domotics, agronomy, social networks, risk, big data, health care, video games, virtual reality / mixed, museums, EIAH, serious games, interactive story, and many more ...

The goal is also to understand how these concrete applications raise scientific breakthroughs  that AI have to solve to democratize its use even more. For example, how taking into account a holistic view of the reality lead to the recognition by IA of complex problem solving that cannot be accounted for in reductionist approaches to laboratory problems? Is AI sufficiently expressive and intelligible to be used? Is AI reliable and robust? Is AI able to scale? What are the ethical issues related to its use? How to guarantee explicability of AI?

It is not a question of opposing fundamental / applied research but laboratory / operational domain and how real applications bring fundamental problems or how fundamental research brings solutions to complex problems difficult to be solved without IA.

APIA 2019 will promote exchange between academic and industrial researchers so that they can share their experiences, discuss the various breakthroughs they encounter, the methods they implement in order to enhance the domain models and tools as well as emerging needs to develop AI based solutions, highlighting AI added value for these applications.

This edition will organize exhibitions and poster sessions to allow exchanges around practical applications and demonstrators. A prize for the best demonstration and a prize for the best paper will be issued.

In addition, APIA2019  is open to international submissions, especially with Japan

The best papers of APIA 2019 will be invited to contribute to a special issue of the Artificial Intelligence Review, just like what was done with the best papers of APIA 2018 (vol. 33 n°2/2019).