Seminar 19/11 – Nicolas Barroso – Entraînement JFIG

For the next STORM seminar, Nicolas Barroso will present his JFIG article : Automatic Intermediate Frames for Stroke-based Animation

Computer aided animation usually focus on cartoon stylized rendering, or is built from an automatic process as 3D animations stylization, loosing the painterly look and feel of hand made animation. We propose to simplify the creation of stroke-based animations: from a set of key frames, our methods automatically generates intermediate frames with coherent motion. Each intermediate frame looks as it could have been drawn by an artist, using the same high level stroke based representation as key frame, and in succession they display the subtle temporal incoherence usually found in hand-made animations.

This seminar will take place on Friday 19/11 at 12:30pm in room Salle des Thèses at IRIT.

This seminar will be in French.