Seminar 16/06 – Gauthier Bouyjou – PAUSE ended

For the next STORM seminar, Gauthier Bouyjou will give a presentation titled: PAUSE ended.

Abstract: I will present you the end of my one and a half year involvement in the PAUSE project.
In the first part, I’ll reintroduce the initial context and the main advances presented last time.
Secondly, I will present the latest contributions, such as the calibration of 3D ultrasound scanner using DIY phantoms and the use of LIDAR for 3D scanning without image recalling.
I will also present how the software was installed in the CREATIS Lyon laboratory.
I will talk about the T.PLAY (Tracking Platform for multimodal Augmented reality) software platform that we hope to mature (1 year) with TTT funding.
This would enable us to create a start-up once the technology developed here is fully matured.
I’d like to finish by thanking people who’ve been putting their trust in me during this enriching adventure.

This seminar will take place on Friday 16/06 at 12:45pm in room Salle des thèses at IRIT.