Every year, FabSpace 2.0 organizes several “geomatics events” in the six countries (France, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Germany and Poland) to raise public awareness of geomatics and its use in everyday life through the development of adapted products and services. The FabSpace de Toulouse organized the following events:

EOFUSION 2018INNOVEO 2018INFORSID 2017MGEA 2017Mêlée Numérique 2017GET 2017Mêlée Numérique 2016Toulouse Space Show 2016Innovation IT Day 2016

EOFUSION 2018 |November 2018 (organiser)

Please find here the call and important dates.

INNOVEO 2018 | September 2018 (organiser)

Please find here the call and important dates.

INFORSID 2017 | May-June 2017 (speaker)

Please find the proceedings here.

MGEA 2017 | December 2017 (publisher)

Special issue of Revue Ingénierie des Systèmes d’information: Multimedia, Geomatics, Teaching and Learning.

Please find the call here.

Mêlée Numérique | September 2017 (speaker)

We presented the FabSpace 2.0 platform at the Mêlée Numérique at the Quai des Savoirs in Toulouse on Tuesday, September 20th 2017, with a particular focus on what this ideation tool, between space and GIS, can bring you if you want to develop a business idea. This workshop is part of the Booster Nova Nova initiative with which FabSpace 2.0 is associated. #EarthobservationData

Conférence GET 2017 | January 2017 (organiser)


The GET 2017 conference was held on 30th and 31st of January 2017 in Toulouse.

All the details are on the conference website.

Mêlée Numérique | October 2016 (speaker)

On the occasion of the Mêlée Numérique 2016 edition, which took place from September 26th to October 1st 2016, Aerospace Valley organised the presentation of the FabSpace 2.0 project, which was the occasion of:

  • a 45-minute “Space Data 4 Start-up” conference, which brought together some twenty people and provided an opportunity to discuss access to geospatial data with CNES, and for TerraNIS to present a video of the TerraHUB platform that will be used to exploit the data,
  • a 1h30 round table on value creation from open data, with the intervention of Philippe Lattes, who proposed a particular focus on open access spatial data, and
  • a stand presenting the project to the public, jointly run by Aerospace Valley, TerraNIS and Paul Sabatier University, which provided encouraging expressions of interest, and which promise to be highly involved in both the collection of challenges and the subsequent animation of the FabSpace.

Relive the event with the hashtag #MeleeNum.

Toulouse Space Show | June 2016 (speaker)

Toulouse Space Show took place on June 28-29-30, 2016. On this occasion several partners of the FabSpace 2.0 project were present to promote the FabSpace 2.0 project financed by the H2020 program. This project provides a platform and a place where students, researchers, entrepreneurs can invent new services using geospatial data, like a FabLab.s’est déroulé les 28-29-30 juin 2016.

Innovation IT Day | June 2016 (speaker)

IRIT and Aerospace Valley were again partners this year for the Innovation IT Day held in Labège on June 9, 2016. Innovation IT Day is the regional event that brings together the entire digital innovation chain of the Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées Region on the same day, in one place: research laboratories, start-ups and innovative SMEs, and major industrial accounts. IRIT presented research projects, including FabSpace 2.0. A poster has been prepared specifically for this purpose.