Set and meet FabSpace challenges

NGOs, local authorities, companies: we look forward to your challenges!

Spatial data and open data can solve problems in a whole new way.

Are you a company, a community, an NGO? You are then welcome to submit a problem that concerns you; it will be proposed to FabSpace participants, who will give their best to solve it thanks to the data included in the FabSpace 2.0 project.

These are the real challenges that the FabSpace community needs today to function.

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Toulouse FabSpace Challenges

Find below the challenges proposed by the Toulouse FabSpace of Toulouse. Any questions? Contact us now to find out more.

Detection of different levels of urbanization from Sentinel images

Assessment of water volumes contained in reservoirs for agricultural irrigation


Extract Sentinel images information from articles

Students, come and take up the challenge and contribute to changing the world!

How to participate? See below! And come and meet us at the FabSpace in Toulouse.