Call for Expression of Interest: Creating a worldwide FabSpace 2.0 network September 2018

We live in an era of an almost limitless availability of data, spatial data included. At the core of the development of the now emerging (geo) information society is the ability to convert the “raw” data into useful information and knowledge. The ability to use the potential of the available spatial data and to create innovative geo-information applications that change the world around us, the society and ourselves, is essential for the effectiveness of sustainable development, for rational spatial planning and for increasing the European innovativeness.

FabSpace 2.0 aims at making Universities open innovation centres for their region and at improving their contribution to the socio-economic and environmental performance of societies by exploiting Earth Observation data and geospatial information. In a collaborative research environment within Universities, students and researchers will get in contact with end-users’ needs and will have the possibility to rapidly prototype innovative EO-Earth Observation applications and services, exploiting free Sentinel Data and Copernicus Core Services.

The initial network of FabSpace 2.0 partners consists of six centres (in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Greece and Poland), each one composed by a local University and the local ESA BIC-Business Incubation Centre, and it is now expanding.

Your Organization can now become one of them... 

…and experience a new journey into open innovation based on geo-spatial and Earth Observation data.
Please download the information package and feel free to ask questions and clarifications to Mr Marcello Maranesi (Univ. of Rome Tor and Mrs Aurélie Baker (ESA BIC Sud France – Aerospace Valley: