ImaginEarth is a young company based in Toulouse whose main activity is the creation, sharing and printing of satellite images for communication and decoration.
Acquired from space and processed with original technical and artistic know-how, these images freeze in their pixels a place and an instant. The colours and shapes of the scenes proposed by ImaginEarth reflect the variety, complexity, immensity and beauty of our planet, but also its instability, precariousness and fragility.
ImaginEarth shares these Earth Observation images on social networks with a triple objective: to highlight the artistic dimension of the proposed scenes, to raise awareness of sustainable development issues (climate change, agriculture, urbanization, etc.) and to communicate on specific territories (capitals, regions, departments, etc.).
Custom printing and creative services are also available via the website. The products designed by ImaginEarth are aimed both at the general public (share a few beautiful images per month & offer impressions) and professionals (office decoration for example and communication by highlighting themes and geographical locations).