Student grant


Coronavirus (Covid-19): For the time being, the CIRCLE Conference is maintained as initially scheduled. The organizers follow the news and the conference will be adapted according to the different regulations set up by France, as well as by the different countries of the participants. We are already prepared to make the full conference online but also to keep it in Samatan resort with some remote presentations, depending on the evolution of the virus and regulations. We will update this message when closer to the conference dates.


* Application for student grants should be sent to with the subject “Student grants” by including the following information in a single light PDF file:

  • Gender:
  • Name:
  • University:
  • Level of study: (for master’s students, please indicate 1st or 2nd year and for PhD students, please indicate the year of study)
  • Supervisor’s name:
  • Supervisor’s email:
  • A copy of your student card:
  • If you submitted a paper (encouraged) or not: Yes/No

All granted students will receive a single-use code to have access to the reduced fee.