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  Géraldine Damnati is a Research Engineer at Orange Innovation, DATA & AI, Lannion, France. After an engineering degree from Telecom Bretagne, she obtained a PhD in Computer Science from Université d’Avignon in 2000.Her research interests include Natural Language Processing, Spoken Language Understanding, Text and Speech Mining, Semantic Analysis, Question Answering and Information Extraction in general. She has a research activity, contributing to collaborative projects, being co-author of around 80 publications in international conferences. She is also involved in the conception and development of tools in various applicative domains, such as Customer Relationship or Multimedia Content exploration. She is currently involved in several research projects, including the pluridisciplinary ARCHIVAL project ( for archive valorisation in the context of Digital Humanities.
She is a member of the ATALA board (Association pour le Traitement Automatique des Langues) as vice-president in charge of relations with the Industry and she coordinates the French CNRS GDR-TAL partners club (
Evangelos Kanoulas is a professor of Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam. He is the head of the Information Retrieval Lab (IRLab) at the Informatics Institute. His research focuses on developing evaluation methods and algorithms for search and recommendation. He has always been an advocate of bridging the algorithmic consideration of search with the human-centred perspective. On this basis he was one of the organisers of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) TREC Session and Tasks tracks, while his current research focuses on interactive and conversational search and recommendation systems. Together with his students he is exploring ways for machines to effectively converse with humans so they better understand the searcher’s need and effectively respond to it. Evangelos has also participated in the coordination of the NIST TREC Million Query, the NIST TREC Common Core, and the CLEF e-Health tracks.  His research has been published at SIGIR, CIKM, KDD, WWW, WSDM, and other venues in the fields of IR and RecSys. Furthermore, he is a member of the Ellis society, and a co-founder of Ellogon AI, a company that focuses on personalizing immunotherapy with the power of big and rich data and cutting-edge AI algorithms.