Accepted Papers


#4 Jorge Gabín, M. Eduardo Ares and Javier Parapar. Exploring Models for Automatic Keyword Labelling of Scientific Documents [Long Paper]

#22 Pierre Erabcher, Ludovic Denoyer and Laure Soulier. Interactive query clarification and refinement via user simulation [Extended abstract]

#25 Oralie Cattan, Christophe Servan and Sophie Rosset. On the Usability of Transformers-based models for a French Question-Answering task [Extended abstract]

#34 Enrique Amigó, Stefano Mizzaro and Damiano Spina. When Truncated Rankings Are Better and How to Measure That [Extended abstract]

#2 Josiane Mothe and Md Zia Ullah. Selective Query processing: A Risk Sensitive Approach – Abstract [Extended abstract]

#3 Manuel Couto, Anxo Pérez and Javier Parapar. Temporal Word Embeddings for Early Detection of Signs of Depression [Long Paper]

#11 Thibault Formal, Benjamin Piwowarski and Stéphane Clinchant. A Study of Lexical Matching in Neural Information Retrieval – [Extended abstract]

#24 Cheyenne Dosso, Jose G. Moreno, Aline Chevalier and Lynda Tamine. Using CoST on self-assessment domain expertise in complex search tasks [Extended abstract]

#30 Procheta Sen, Sonal Mishra, Debasis Ganguly and Prasenjit Majumder. A Combination of ‘Intra and Inter Collection’ Relevance Models for Ad-hoc Retrieval in Precision Medicine

#35 Rapahël Sourty, Jose Moreno, Lynda Tamine and François-Paul Servant. Using CHERCHE to empower newcomers into neural information retrieval [Extended abstract]

#36 Debasis Ganguly, Suchana Datta, Mandar Mitra and Derek Greene. An Analysis of Variations in the Effectiveness of Query Performance Prediction [Extended abstract]

#6 Oliver Baumann and Mirco Schönfeld. Supporting Serendipitous Recommendations With Knowledge Graphs [Long Paper]

#7 Haytame Fallah, Patrice Bellot, Emmanuel Bruno and Elisabeth Murisasco. Adapting Transformers for Multi-Label Text Classification [Long Paper]

#8 Gabriela Nicole González Sáez, Philippe Mulhem, Lorraine Goeuriot and Petra Galuscakova. Multi-element protocol for IR experiments stability. Application to the TREC-COVID test collection. [Short paper]

#10 Dima El Zein and Célia da Costa Pereira. Accounting for User’s Knowledge and Search Goals in Information Retrieval Evaluation [Extended abstract]

#12 Hanane Djeddal, Thomas Gerald, Laure Soulier, Karen Pinel-Sauvagnat and Lynda Tamine. Does Structure Matter? Leveraging Data-to-Text Generation for Answering Complex Information Needs [Extended abstract]

#16 Yann Duperis, Adrian-Gabriel Chifu, Bernard Espinasse, Sébastien Fournier and Arthur Kuehn. Deep Unordered Composition for Multi-label Classification applied to Skills Prediction [Long paper]

#27 Minghan Li and Eric Gaussier. Intra-document Block Pre-ranking for BERT-based Long Document Information Retrieval [Extended abstract]

#28 Frederic Bechet, Ludivine Robert, Lina Rojas-Barahona and Géraldine Damnati. CALOR-DIAL: a corpus for Conversational Question Answering on French encyclopedic documents [Extended abstract]

#29 Alexandre Gomes de Lima, Mohand Boughanem, Eduardo Henrique da Silva Aranha, Taoufiq Dkaki and José G Moreno. Exploring SBERT and Mixup Data Augmentation in Rhetorical Role Labeling of Indian Legal Sentences [Short paper]

#33 Emanuele Di Buccio, Alberto Cammozzo, Federico Neresini and Alberto Zanatta. TIPS: Search and Analytics for Social Science Research [Demo paper]

#1 Marcos Fernández Pichel, David Losada and Juan C. Pichel. Social Minder: a tool for social media monitoring and its use for detecting COVID-19 misinformation [Demo paper]

#13 Andrés Segura-Tinoco, Óscar G. Borzdynski and Iván Cantador. An Argument-based Search Framework: Implementation on a Spanish Corpus in the E-Participation Domain [Long Paper]

#15 Corentin Forler and Elöd Egyed-Zsigmond. Studies on interactive event detection and labeling from timestamped texts [Short paper]

#17 Luis M. de Campos, Juan M. Fernández-Luna and Juan F. Huete. Fusion strategies to combine topical and temporal information for publication venue recommendation [Long Paper]

#21 Nishchal Prasad, Mohand Boughanem and Taoufiq Dkaki. Effect of Hierarchical Domain-specific Language Models and Attention in the classification of decisions for legal cases [Long Paper]

#26 Ismat Ara Reshma, Josiane Mothe, Sylvain Cussat-Blanc, Hervé Luga, Camille Franchet, Margot Gaspard, Pierre Brousset and Radu Tudor Ionescu. A Study on the Impact of Class Distribution on Deep Learning – The Case of Histological Images and Cancer Detection [Extended abstract]

#31 Faneva Ramiandrisoa. Multi-task Learning for Hate Speech and Aggression Detection [Short paper]

#37 Andrea Esuli, Alessio Molinari and Fabrizio Sebastiani. Active Learning and the Saerens-Latinne-Decaestecker Algorithm: An Evaluation [Short paper]

#32 Eya Hammami and Rim Faiz. Text Clustering based on Multi-View Representations [Short paper]

#5 Thomas Gerald and Laure Soulier. Continual Learning of Long Topic Sequences in Neural Information Retrieval [Extended abstract]

#9 Tahar-Rafik Boudiba and Taoufiq Dkaki. Tag-based embedding representations in neural collaborative filtering [Long Paper]