Registration 2020


  Registration fees were updated due to fully electronic/virtual conference!  

July 6-9, 2020, Samatan, Gers, France

  Each paper should have at least 1 participant registered with an “author registration fee” (50€ fees for the paper) to be included in the proceedings. Double registration for one paper will be assumed as financial support to the conference (no refund policy). Please double check this with your co-authors. We have a certain number of student grants to cover registration fees (FIFO list for admissible applications). Participation is free but registration is mandatory. “Organismes français: pensez à mettre à jour votre adhésion à l’ARIA!”

Type Fee (Euro) Comment
Granted students 0 € Students have to send a light application* for grants
Author registration 50 € Regular author
Others 0 € Participants

* Application for student grants should be sent to with the subject “Student grants” by including the following information in a single light PDF file:

  • Gender:
  • Name:
  • University:
  • Level of study: (for master’s students, please indicate 1st or 2nd year and for PhD students, please indicate the year of study)
  • Supervisor’s name:
  • Supervisor’s email:
  • A copy of your student card:
  • Your paper ID:

All granted students will receive a single-use code to have access to the reduced fee.  

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