I have a paper or a poster that has been accepted to CIRCLE2022, should I send my presentation to PC chairs?

Yes, you have to send your presentation before the conference to circle@irit.fr. Please select the right subject to put to your email according to the submission type (see below).

  • subject for a paper: “#paper – #session” 
  • subject for a poster: “#paper – #session 120 sec”

where #paper is the paper number in easychair (where you submitted your paper) and #session is the session number as indicated in the conference program (see https://www.irit.fr/CIRCLE/program-overview

I will present a paper or a poster to CIRCLE2022. Should I use my own laptop or would it be possible to use a shared one?

We will make available a “standard” laptop to present papers/posters. If you have specific requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

We provide a laptop with Windows 10, Powerpoint 2016 and acrobat reader.

I will present a demo during CIRCLE2022, could I use my own PC/laptop?

Yes, we hardly encourage demo presenters to use their own PC/laptop. Indeed, demos have some technical requirements that may not match with our own laptops.

I will participate to CIRCLE2022, can I get a certificate of attendance?

Yes. During the event certificates will be distributed. For online attendance certificate, please contact circle@irit.fr

Can I get an invoice related to my registration?

Invoices will be given at your arrival at the conference.

How to reach the conference?

Where is the conference?

I am an author, when do I speak?

Accommodations, how does it work?

We will all be located in flats at the resort. There are flats with a single room, other flats are with two rooms. The second type will be shared among two attendees. When registered, you were asked if you rather prefer to be alone. You can also indicate with whom you would like to share the flat (circle@irit.fr  subject: accommodation)

What should I add to my suitcase? 

Sport shoes (for small or long walks, volley, …)

Swimming sweet (there is a spa, a swimming pool, a lake)

Hat and sunscreen : South of France can be very sunny

What can I do at Samatan or close by?

Co-working: https://www.lebureausamatanais.fr/ 

Shops: https://www.samatan-gers.com/economie-commerces.aspx

Bike: electric bikes to rent

Walks / Tours: https://www.cirkwi.com/fr/circuit/57933-le-circuit-de-la-trillote  https://www.visorando.com/randonnee-samatan.html

Sporting equipment: https://www.samatan-gers.com/sports-equipements.aspx

Is remote attendance possible?

Yes, it is. Information to come