A competency-based approach for diagnosis, regulation and personalization of learning


4 years (01/10/2018 – 01/04/2023)


The goal of the COMPER project is to develop models and tools to implement a competency-based approach to support personalized learning. Thus, the project’s contributions aim to provide answers to three major research questions:

  1. Will the availability of a competency repository improve the visualization tools proposed for the regulation of the learners’ learning objectives, the self-training activities they can use to achieve these objectives, the computerized processes for diagnosing their competencies and those for personalizing the learning?
  2. Will the exploitation of the learner’s activity traces make it possible to improve the whole learning process, by providing increased assistance to the different actors? What forms of support can be built from the traces to promote the understanding of the learning process and the improvement of the proposed tools and IT processes (visualization, personalization)?
  3. What will be the benefit for the learners of these different tools, in terms of learning and gain of autonomy?


Bringing together researchers in computer science, social sciences and humanities and practitioners, this project aims at proposing a model for the representation of competency repositories that will make it possible to link the pedagogical activities proposed to learners to their competencies, in order to develop a competency profile for each learner. These profiles will be used to personalize the activities and learning paths, as well as to help the learner to regulate his learning, by including motivational levers.

The project is based on 3 experimental fields of different levels (school and college, high school, university), involving skills of various granularity in different disciplines, in order to evaluate the genericity of the proposed models and tools.