Formative Assessment in the Age of BYOD in the Digital School


  1. Team SIERA (research coordinator)
  2. Rectorat de l’Académie de Nancy-Metz


3 years (01/12/2018 – 30/11/2021)


We want to design an innovative digital tool dedicated to formative assessment, independent of any discipline and any grade level, and addressing the following research questions:

  • To what extent does the individual and collective monitoring of learners through digital means in the context of formative assessments improve learner learning?
  • How does digital technology transform teachers’ formative assessment practices?
  • How can digital technology assist teachers in the implementation of quality formative assessments?


The project aims at designing, deploying and evaluating an innovative digital environment for the design of quality formative assessments from both the learner’s and the teacher’s point of view. In particular, the following objectives are at the heart of our concerns:

  • Promote the essay and the argumentation of the answers given by the students in order to put the students in a reflective process of their thinking, their ability to put it into words and to organize it.
  • Accompany each student to help him/her position him/herself individually and collectively in his/her learning, and thus (i) promote self-regulation of learning among students and (ii) offer teachers the opportunity to make individual and/or collective pedagogical reengineering decisions that promote the acquisition of the knowledge delivered.
  • Accompany teachers in this new practice by providing them with the necessary tools to formulate quality questions from a pedagogical point of view.

The computing environment, based on current web technologies, will also focus on engaging learners strongly in the proposed digital learning activities, but especially on fostering social interactions so that students interact with each other and with the teacher. The system we want to design will be based on the Tsaap-Notes tool from previous work and designed to facilitate the implementation of formative assessments.