Post Docs

  • 2020 - 2021: Cássio F. Dantas (with C. Févotte) Safe screening techniques. Now CR at INRAE.
  • 2019 - 2021: Sixin Zhang (with C. Févotte) Transform Learning NMF. Now Asst. Prof. at INP ENSEEIHT.


Master 2

  • 2022: Nathanaël Munier (with P. Weiss) Non asymptotic performance of the MLE for single source localization.
  • 2022: Pascal Nguyen (with C. Chaux) Inverse problems resolution with optimization and learning strategies.
  • 2022: Alejandro Nogueron (with D. Sage) Accurate pattern estimation in structured illumination microscopy.
  • 2021: Tze Yaw Bong (with P. Weiss) Limits and performance in localization microscopy.
  • 2019: Vasilina Stergiopoulou (with M. Unser) Solving inverse problems through domain decomposition.
  • 2016: Simon Gazagnes (with L. Blanc-Féraud) Image reconstruction for SMLM.
  • 2015: Sen Wang (with X. Descombes) Multiple Births and Cut algorithm including attractive interactions.

Master 1

  • 2022: Anthony Torosyan (with W. Bacsa) Optical lensless imaging of nanostructured surfaces.
  • 2021: Thang Lê Nhât (with M. De Lara and J-P. Chancelier) L0 relaxations from Capra conjugacy.
  • 2020: Anass Gueddari Two dimensional SIM reconstruction from 4 images.


  • 2021: Yann Delaporte (with P. Weiss) Suprema of Gaussian processes and localization microscopy.

Emmanuel Soubies - 2014