À propos de moi

I obtained my PhD in Computer Science (2010-2016) at Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU. My advisor is Yann LeCun. I obtained my Master degree in Mathematics and Machine Learning (MVA) at Paris VI and ENS Cachan (2008-2010). My undergraduate education was in Mathematics and Information Science at Shanghai University (2004-2008). My PhD thesis is available online.

After graduation, I worked as a postdoc researcher at ENS Paris in France with Stéphane Mallat on wavelet analysis and deep learning (2016-2018). Then I worked one-year at Peking University (Center for Data Science) in China as a research associate, and two years at CNRS,IRIT,Université de Toulouse as a postdoc researcher (in the group of Cédric Févotte).

I am now a Maitre de Conference at INP-Toulouse (site ENSEEIHT) and IRIT.

Research Interests

Machine learning, Optimization, Signal and Image processing, Statistics and Dynamical Systems.

  • High-dimensional data modeling and analysis
  • Representation learning for recognition and inverse problems
  • Optimization algorithms


In the summer of 2012, I interned at Google Research in studying large-scale distributed learning with Samy Bengio and the Google Brain Team. I also had an internship in 2010 at Credit Agricole Cheuvreux, studying with Charles-Albert Lehalle and Romain Burgot on news impact on stock market.

Thème : Overlay par Kaira. Texte supplémentaire
Le Cap, Afrique du sud