Funded projects in which I am involved.

Principal Investigator

2023 - 2026 ANR JCJC EROSION [Website]
Exact RelaxatiOns for Sparse and low-rank optImizatiON.
2021 - 2023 Labex CIMI funding PIAM
Problèmes Inverses Aveugles en Microscopie.

Local Coordinator

2022 - 2025 ANR PRC MicroBlind (PI: P. Weiss)
Blind inverse problems and optical microscopy.
2017 - 2018 ZEISS-EPFL initiative (PI: M. Unser)
Learning-based reconstruction methods for structured illumination microscopy


2022 - 2026 Descartes Program [Website]
A CREATE Program on AI-based Decision making in Critical Urban Systems.
2022 - 2023 GDR-ISIS funding SPLIN (PI: L. Calatroni)
SParse non-convex optimisation for Learning of INverse image microscopy problems.
2021 - 2024 ANR JCJC SP-Fluo (PI: D. Fortun)
Single particule reconstruction in fluorescence microscopy.
2020 - 2023 ANR JCJC CIPRESSI (PI: V. Duval) [Website]
Continuous Image Processing : models and algorithms.
2019 - 2020 GDR-ISIS funding Fluosuremi (PI: P. Weiss)
Fine modelling in super resolution microscopy.
2019 - 2022 ERC FACTORY (PI: C. Févotte) [Website]
New paradigms for latent factor estimation.
2016 - 2018 ERC GlobalBioIm (PI: M. Unser)
Global integrative framework for Computational Bio-Imaging.

Emmanuel Soubies - 2014