The DebateWEL G.U.I. allows two players to exchange logical formulas and enthymemes in a persuasion debate game. DebateWEL protocol ensures consistencey of each player wrt himself and common knowledge thanks to a SAT solver which is called directly from the SAToulouse interface.

Here are the particularities of  DebateWEL protocol:

  • there is no information about the state of mind of the agents, only what is publicly said is considered
  • the exchange pieces of information are in propositional logic
  • arguments are pairs support/conclusion (meaning both that the user asserts the conclusion and that he asserts that cho conclusion is due to the support)
  • enthymemes (arguments with incomplete support or imprecise conclusion) are allowed.
  • at the beginning of the dialog the agents agree on a common knowbledge (expressed by arguments or assertions) on which they can base their future statements
  • the protocol is totally flexible: any agent can take his turn as soon as the previous turn is finished (even by himself) and can choose freely any move if it induces no self-contradiction, no repetition and do not exceed his speaking time. However before closing the debate, any agent has to fulfill his commitments induced by the moves of the other player.
  • The dialog ends either with the victory of one agent (if the other agent has agreed with him) or with a failure (due to remaining commitments unfulfilled within the time limit). DebateWEL is designed for inciting agents to agree: a high score rewards an agent who has persuaded the other, a medium score is given to a conceding agent and a low score is given to both players if the dialog fails.


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