Risk management and decision support

In practice because the user does not want us to make decisions for him. He wants help to estimate the state of his stocks, to plan the earliest possible date for the end of his project, to identify hazards that may jeopardize the occupancy plan of his resource. This is more about managing risk or simulating choices than making a decision. When the available knowledge is not rich enough to be statistically significant, it is possible to focus on interval representations, or fuzzy intervals; the challenge is to reconcile the available information to make it as accurate as possible, and to integrate this information into risk management approaches, particularly simulation-based risk management. This work is carried out within clearly identified application frameworks, in particular supply chain management and environmental resource management.

Current Projects

  • Projet ANR ECOTECH “Analyse Systémique des TErres Rares – flux et stocks (ASTER)”
  • Projet “IODE (Ingénierie des Organisations DistribuéEs) (IODE)”
  • Projet ANR Blanc PER4MACE
  • Projet ANR Usine du futur CAASC

Recent References

  • Hélène Fargier, Romain Guillaume. Sequential Decision Making Under Uncertainty: Ordinal Uninorms vs. the Hurwicz Criterion . Dans / In : International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-based Systems (IPMU 2018), Springer, p. 578-590, juillet 2018.