Nutri-Educ is a nutrition analysis tool. It is able to perform a complete analysis of a meal, and can help you to make it well balanced and adapted to your personal needs. It uses fuzzy arithmetic
to make all nutrient computation, and to present information in a more flexible way. A special unique
feature allows it a ‘fix’ a meal, finding the simplest changes which will make a given meal well balanced.


Nutri-Kiosk is an interactive kiosk application which help people to improve their nutritional habits.
It is typically aimed at people in waiting areas of hospitals, or any similar situations where they are
conditionned to think about their health and nutrition, and have a few minutes to spare. People interact
with the program through a touch screen, and information is displayed using mainly food pictures and
short sentences. The program proposes several mini-activities, each of them focusing on a particular
aspect of nutrition.


Nutri-Advice gives advices at school cafeterias and restaurants, using a tactile screen.
The system displays the pictures of the dishes served, and asks the children to compose a balanced meal.
The choosen meal is analysed, and compared to the best possible meal computed in the background by
the program using fuzzy set theory and heuristic search algorithms. Each time the child finds a
good enough meal, he or she gets a points, and may wins a cinema ticket. Each child is identified
using a barcode card issued at the annual school health check; his or her database record contains
anonymous information such as height and weight measurements and the presence of nutrition related
deseases such as diabetes.


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