OJweel: Open Jewelry

Year: 2014

Create your personalized jewelry online.
A interactive and very intuitive modeling tool for the personalization or the creation (advanced tool) of jewelry online. The modeler is based on implicit surfaces for the simple shape representation from skeletons without topological ambiguities. Your digital jewelry is then printed in the metal of your choice and sent to by mail.

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Skimlab: an easy 3D sketch tool (by Skimlab Company)

Year: 2013

Skeletons + Smooth surface reconstruction + Mesh:
This user friendly online tool allows users to easily and quickly build 3D objects represented by 2D-Manifold quad/triangle meshes. Ready for printing or additional numerical processing.

Implicit surfaces are around ...

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IceSL: A GPU accelerated modeler and slicer (by Sylvain Lefebvre, Inria Nancy)


Year: 2013

Transform your geometries on discrete in-GPU grids.
Combine and Print !

Here, meshes are transformed in discrete field functions. This enables the simple, efficient and robust implementation of Boolean composition operators and the effective production of the 3D printer machine code for printing the resulting 3D object.

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