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  Florence Dupin de Saint-Cyr -- Bannay CV (April 2024 in French)

  Status : Lecturer at Paul Sabatier University,
  Team: ADRIA
  Localization: IRIT1 / Level 3, Room: 320
  Phone: (33)5 61 55 6330

Research: Artificial Intelligence


  • Reasonning about change (Revision, Updating, Extrapolation...) in knowledge base systems, Causality
  • Argumentation and Dialog,
  • Cognitive models for reasoning and deciding
  • Decision under Uncertainty
Master 2 Internship or Phd subjects


 Demos and Presentations


  • LELIE (An intelligent assistant for the analysis and the prevention of risks in industrial processes). ANR project 2011 - 2013.
  • MICRAC (Computational and cognitive models of causal reasoning) achieved in june 2008.
  • GeoFuse (Uncertain Data Fusion), achieved in october 2007.


  • Jérémy Huteau : Master 2 student co-supervised with Adrian Basarab on the subject "Analysis of histopathological images by hybrid neuronal/logical model" (april-september 2021)
  • Antoine Boulanger : Second Year Ingeneering Student co-supervised with Emmanuel Caux (IRAP) on the subject "Combinatorial classification of astrophysical spectra" (april-august 2021)
  • Pierre Cry : stage Master 2 co-supervised with Emmanuelle Claeys on the subject "Combine learning and logic to understand causality. Application to the improvement of logistic processes" (april-september 2021)
  • Mouna Mayouf : PhD student co-supervised with Tim Van de Cruys on the subject "To make an automatic learning system interact with an explicit reasoning system: application on medical data" (start dec 2019)
  • Umer Mushtaq: Master 2 student co-supervised with Romain Guillaume on the subject Bipolar Layered Frameworks with weighted supports 2018.
  • Abdelraouf Hecham: participation to the supervision of the PhD 2016-2019 (supervised by Madalina Croitoru)
  • Pierre Bisquert: doctoral student co-supervised with MC. Lagasquie-Schiex on the subject Reasonning about change in argumentation (2010-2013) presented on the 6th December 2013.
  • Aurore Miquel: Master 2 student co-supervised with Claudette Cayrol and MC. Lagasquie-Schiex on the subject Révision d'un système d'argumentation : une première approche 2007.
  • Cédric Daligny: Master 2 student co-supervised with Stéphane Loiseau Validation de BC et interaction 2000.







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  • Correspondant new pedagogies for SRI branch at UPSSITECH (2015-2016) in the context of the ACTIFS project (Actions for Interactive, Formative and Solidary Courses for Toulouse Ingeneers)
  • Member of the scientific comittee in computer science of Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse) (2009-2017)
  • Member of the council of french AI association AFIA (from Jan. 2015 to Dec. 2018).




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