The deliverables will be put here, along the life of the project:

M6: Website (, you are inside)

M6: D6.3: Standardization Plan (internal deliverable : M6-StandardizationPlan.pdf)

M12: D2.1: Sources and Material profiling (internal deliverable : M12-Profiling.pdf)

M12: D5.1: Definition of metrics and scenarios on which experiments will be based (internal deliverable : M12-ScenariosAndMetrics.pdf)

M12: D6.5: Project Exploitation Plan (internal deliverable : M12-ExploitationPlan.pdf)

M19: D4.1: Optimization Problem Descriptions (internal deliverable : M19-OptimizationDescription.pdf)

M27: D2.4 : Sources and Material profiling V2 (internal deliverable: M27-D2.4.pdf and source codes: SourcesProfiling and ApplicationProfiling)

M27: D3.1 : Interactions between system modules and messages format (internal deliverable: M27-D3.1.pdf)

M30: D5.2 : Middleware of Datazero (internal deliverable: M30-D5.2.pdf)

M33: D3.2 : How to aggregate information (internal deliverable: M33-D3.2.pdf)

M33: D4.2 : Analysis of the algorithms for resource optimization for IT and electrical planes (internal deliverable: M33-D4.2.pdf)

M33: D5.3v1 : Implementation of DATAZERO IT Decision Module (internal deliverable: M33-D5.3v1.pdf and source code M33-D5.3v1.tar.gz)

M33: D5.4v1 : Implementation of DATAZERO Power Decision Module (internal deliverable: M33-D5.4v1.pdf and source code M33-D5.4v1.tar.gz)

M36: D5.1v2 : Middleware of DataZero (internal deliverable: M36-D5.2v2.pdf and source codes D5.2-v2-3.tar)

M39: D4.3: Algorithm for cross-optimization process loop (internal deliverable: M39-D4.3.pdf)

M45: D4.4: Infrastructure sizing (internal deliverable: M45-D4.4.pdf)

M45: D5.4v2: Power hardware-in-the-loop implementation and testing (internal deliverable: M45-D5.4v2.pdf)

M45: D5.3v2: Implementation of DATAZERO IT Decision Module and interaction with IT infrastructure (internal deliverable: M45-D5.3v2.pdf

M48: D6.4: Standardization results : KPIs usage in Datazero Project (internal deliverable: M48-D6.4.pdf)

M51: D6.6: Impact and Business analysis (internal deliverable: M51-D6.6.pdf)