M6: Website (you are inside ;))

M6: D2.1: Report on identification and characterisation of uncertainty (internal link)

M9: D2.2: State of the Art on uncertainties and Prediction Models (internal link)

M9: D6.1: Communication and dissemination strategy (internal link)

M12: D5.1: Report on use cases and demonstration scenario (internal link)

M14: D6.2:  Report on the initial exploitation of results strategy (internal link)

M16: D2.3: Initial report on prediction and/or uncertainty models (internal link)

M21: D5.2: Report on the design of the validation framework (internal link)

M23: D3.3: Initial report on infrastructure sizing integrating uncertainty, for one datacenter (internal link)

M24 : D4.1 : Online-offline Optimization algorithms (internal link)

M24 : D2.4 : Final report on prediction and/or uncertainty models (internal link)

M24 : D3.1 : Model and report on a dynamically reconfigurable power distribution scheme (internal link)

M42 : D4.2 : Final online-offline Optimization algorithms (internal link)