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VACOP : open source autonomous vehicle

     The objective of UT3 is to design with students and pupils an open source and “plug and play” autonomous vehicle. The chassis of the VACOP has been designed, as well as the front and rear suspension. The bodywork was taken over at the beginning of the school year 2022 by the BTS of the Roland Garros high school in Toulouse. The preparation of the infusion of the lower part has progressed well, it was infused (when the resin is integrated into the reinforcements) on December 14, 2022.

Concerning the embedded system part (i.e. ADAS) of the VACOP, the implementation of an embedded board (Jetson Nano) to which a CAN controller has been grafted has been completed. This last one will be used for the control of the effectors (propulsion, braking, direction) but also for the acquisition of the data such as the level of battery for example. The implementation of the simulation of the decision chain for autonomous driving is in progress.

Characteristics :

    • Head-up display
    • On-board sensors
    • Modular cabin
    • Flax fibre bodywork
    • On-board computer

Competition vehicle
Single seater, 70kg, 400W
Range 200km/kWhn

Simplified open-source versions
150kg, 2 to 4 kW depending on need
Modular chassis (scalable)