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Our approach

The main activity of the autOCampus Regional Research and Innovation Platform concerns the conduct of research project experiments on intelligent mobility, more specifically on electric, connected and autonomous vehicles and their infrastructure.

Its main objectives are:

  • To build a unique and original place to experiment connected and autonomous vehicles “in vivo”
  • To create a place of collaboration between public research, industry, training and users, around the connected and autonomous vehicle, which will host several projects
  • To build an experimentation platform by sharing hardware, software, data, scenarios and common goods

The autOCampus PRRI, which is made up of research players, will support research project experiments on connected and autonomous vehicles.

It will be in charge of developing the scientific strategy, the scientific animation of this field and the management of the autOCampus platform within the GIS neOCampus.

This project, led by the University Toulouse III Paul Sabatier, involves several partners and teacher-researchers from laboratories.

This research activity makes autOCampus a visible platform open to new projects and experiments from all horizons: national and international.

Funded by the Occitanie Region, the PRRI autOCampus project emerged, as part of the Regional Innovation Strategy (SRI), from meetings between UT3, the Aerospace Valley cluster and a consortium of industrial and research players. It was labeled by the global Aerospace Valley cluster in November 2018 and is linked to the TOTEM cluster.