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2020 – 2023

    Thanks to the Tr@nsnet project, we want to develop a generic and transferable model of University Living Lab. That is to say, to experiment with different solutions in order to  create an academic Living Lab model that can be applied to companies at a transnational level. The set of demonstrators developed in the project will gradually transform into an embryonic Living Lab that will be sustainable at the end of the project (March 2023).


INS2I Monitoring room
2022 – 2026

    The autOCampus platform aims to make our campus an instrumented campus capable of conducting full-scale experiments with autonomous or non-autonomous vehicles. As a corollary to the ongoing deployment of cameras, lidars, road side units and other external equipment, we have set up a supervision center that will allow us to monitor vehicles on campus in real time: autOCampus-ICU (i.e. I see you). It is intended to be extended with other types of data from the campus but also to give users the ability to visualize offline the movements made by the different vehicles over time.

2022 – 2026

     The MIDOC Key Challenge, led by the University of Toulouse, aims to associate several fields of research on intelligent and sustainable mobility to make Occitania a reference pole at the national and international level on this theme.

The objectives of this key challenge

    • To reenergize and develop research related to the autonomous, acceptable and connected vehicle and to sustainable and user-centered mobility services
    • to promote scientific innovation in conjunction with regional companies
    • to develop and strengthen the platforms and experimental sites
    • strengthen synergies between researchers from different disciplines.     

2020 – 2030

      The Vilagil program, led by Toulouse Métropole, Sicoval and the Pôle d’Equilibre Territorial et Rural Pays Portes de Gascogne, is a project to decarbonize and revive the economy of the Toulouse metropolitan area, with the aim of developing concrete solutions for mobility and non-mobility. It has been selected by the State as part of the Territoires d’Innovation program and is operated by the Caisse des Dépôts.

2020 – 2030

      The Toulouse Occitanie Campus of Professions and Qualifications for Excellence in Mobility and Intelligent Transport project is part of a territorial dynamic, but also of the national development strategy for the Connected Autonomous Vehicle defined by the strategic committee of the automobile sector. This Campus bases its legitimacy on a close partnership with world-class companies that make up the local fabric of ETIs and SMEs. Alongside a rich and diversified network of companies, it includes initial and continuing education institutions and organizations, higher education institutions and public and private research laboratories and organizations.


<br />Cooperation Acceptability

Cooperation Acceptability
2019 – 2022