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I am Professor of Computer Science at the University of Toulouse.
My research domain is Human Computer Interaction and I am more specifically interrested in Advanced form of Interactive Technique: tangible UI, spatial UI, surface-based interaction, mixed and augmented reality. On overall, the goal of my research is to understand, help reason about, design and experiment advanced interaction techniques in complex interactive situations such as: 3D environments that are hard to manipulate, public spaces where the user is usually just an occasional user, and rich information spaces that include many information, of different nature and in which exploring the data and finding the appropriate command need to be optimised.

My research topics are related to two main aspects:

  • design, implementation and evaluation of new advanced form of interaction techiques (spatial, tangible, surface-based UI)
  • developping models and notations to capitalize the development experiences, and provide a conceptual support to the develoment of such forms of HCI,

This work is principally applied in the context of knowledge transfer (museum, learning environment), large information space (software for public services) and ambiant systems (home care, augmented environment).

I am leading the Elipse research group of the Research Institute of Computing Science of Toulouse (IRIT). Elipse is a french acronym for "Studying person-system interaction". Elipse is an interdisciplinary research group (computer scientist, neuroscientist, HCI specialist) focusing on Advanced forms of Interactive Techniques as research tool and research object. Elipse deals with the advanced forms of interaction techniques from two complementary points of view: the Human (perception ,cognition, behaviour) and its Interaction (techniques, models, process). Contributions of Elipse includes theoretical models as well as concrete implementation of techniques and experimental results. Research domains of Elipse include spatial interaction (multi-surface, mid-air, glasses, 3D), assistive technologies (visual, motor, cognitive), and document structuring.

Finally my teaching activity mainly takes place in the Institut Universitaire de Technologie of Toulouse, in the department of Business/Administration Management (IUT A - Gea - Rangueil). Lessons are principally targetting undergraduate students and deals with Information systems, Access, ERP and a bit of HCI.
I am also teaching to master students, especially introducing specificities and constraints of the design and implementation of advanced interaction techniques (mixed interactive systems, augmented reality, tangible UI, mixed reality, etc.).

Short bio

  • 1996: Master Degree in Computing Science from the Ecole d'ingénieur UTC
    • 1995: Training period at Hoechst AG, Frankfurt-am-Main (Germany), 7 months
    • 1996: Training period at Hilti AG, Vaduz (Liechtenstein), 8 months

  • 1997: Master Degree in Software and Knowledge Engineering (DEA) from the University of Grenoble (Université Joseph Fourier)

  • 2001: PhD in Computing Science from the University of Grenoble (Université Joseph Fourier)

  • From 2001 to 2002: Post Doctoral fellow in the Department of Computing Science (DCS) at the University of Glasgow (Scotland - UK)
    • Supervisor: Phil D. Gray.

  • From 2002 to 2012: Associate Professor ("Maître de Conférences") at the University of Toulouse (France).
    • Teaching activity: mainly at the Institut Universitaire de Technologie in Tarbes (IUT Tarbes).
    • 2010-2012: in charge of the Licence Pro CISPM.

  • 2009: I received the Habilitation (HDR : Habilitation à diriger des recherches).
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February, 2016
Starting project: ANR AP2
This project consists in exploring THE BIM (Building Information Modeling) from the point of view of advanced forms of user's interaction.

November, 2015
New PhD Starting: Houssem Saidi, as part of the neOCampus project , and funded by University Paul Sabatier Interaction techiques for mùulti-surface environment.

October, 2015
New PhD Starting: Gary Perelman, in collaboration with the company Berger-Levrault and funded by ANRT - CIFRE Design and evaluation of interaction techniques for multidimensionnal inforamtion spaces: application to public service applications.

April, 2015
DISCO / Roly-Poly Mouse is in the spotlights !
-Presentation at CHI 2015
-in the research newsletter of the University of Toulouse
-in the online newspaper La Tribune - Objectif News
-in the local newspaper La Dépêche
-on YouTube: video.

March, 2015
Invited research fellow at University Ca'Foscari - Venise / Italy, Department of environmental sciences, informatics and statistics Understanding multi-levels interactive environemnt for data manipualtion.

January, 2015
Paper accepted at CHI'15, The Roly-Poly Mouse: Designing a Rolling Input Device Unifying 2D and 3D Interaction

December, 2014
Live demo at Berger Levrault of the Roly-Poly Mouse, a 5DOF mouse unifying 2D+3D manipulations detailsand video

March, 2014
Invited researcher at University Ca'Foscari - Venise / Italy, Department of environmental sciences, informatics and statistics Collaboration on metaphors in TUI and advanced interaction techniques in 3D environments.

February, 2014
Invited talk : Conférences Les ouvertures UPS IHM'13 on "Human Computer Interaction: from Sci-Fi rto Science". Video of the talk

November, 2013
Co-organizing a workshop at IHM'13 on "HCI, 3D and Cognitive Science: combining approaches to the design of 3D interactive spaces". Web Site

October, 2013
Demonstrating teh Vit3D project at the Novella in Toulouse

Sept, 2012
Appointed as Full Professor at the University of Toulouse.