Designed prototypes

2023 – Exploiting Physical Referent Features as Input for Multidimensional Data Selection in Augmented Reality

Enhancing Distant Interaction with Large Displays using a Two-Handed Tablet : application to Dual Precision pointing and Command Selection [International Journal of human-Computer Studies, 2023]

2023 – Exploiting Physical Referent Features as Input for Multidimensional Data Selection in Augmented Reality

Exploration of the use of the physical referent itself as a support for input interaction with an embedded space-time cube (STC) representation [Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction, 2023]

2022 – Visual Transitions around Tabletops in Mixed Reality

Study on a Visual Acquisition Task between Vertical Virtual Displays and Horizontal Tabletops [ISS 2022]

2021 – KLM Extension for MR

A Predictive Performance Model for Immersive Interactions in Mixed
Reality [ISMAR 2021]

2021 – HoloBar:

Rapid Command Execution for Head-Worn AR Exploiting Around the Field-of-View Interaction [CHI 2021]

2021 – KeyTch:

Combining the Keyboard with a Touchscreen for Rapid Command Selection on Toolbars [CHI 2021]

2019 – Touchglass:

TouchGlass: Raycasting from a Glass Surface to Point at Physical Objects in Public Exhibits [INTERACT 2019]

2019 – Foldable Smartphone:

Investigating Screen Reachability on an Articulated Dual-Display Smartphone [INTERACT 2019]

On-body Tangible Interaction

2019 – On-Body Tangible Interaction:

Using the Body to Support Tangible Manipulations for Immersive Visualization [INTERACT 2019]

2019 – Stacking:

Combining Tablets with Smartphones for Data Analytics [INTERACT 2019]

2018 – Rolling-Menu:

Rapid Command Selection in Toolbars Using Roll Gestures with a Multi-DoF Mouse [CHI 2018]

2017 – TDOME :

interacting with Multi-Display Environments [CHI 2017]


2016 – DECO

Design space for device physical composition [DIS 2016]

2016 – Roly-Poly 2

Combining a Roly-Poly Mouse and and a regular mouse for docking task [DIS 16]

2015 – Roly-Poly Mouse (alias DISCO)

The mouse you can roll and tilt [CHI 2015]

Roly-Poly Mouse usage principles

2015 – “Around the Smartphone”-based navigation in 3D virtual Environements:

Around The Smartphone” (ASP) techniques compared to “On the Smartphone” (OSP, tactile) and “With the Smartphone” (WSP, tangible) [SUI 2015]

2014 – neOCampus:

Smartphone based exploration of Energy data consulmption in buildings of a Campus

2013 – VIT3D platform:

View, Controler and advanced interaction techniques to support the exploration of a 3D representation of the TBL (OMP) by visitors

2011 – OnTop for MACS

Interactive table for supporting a model-assisted creativity session (ASUR model) [EICS2011]

ASUR Model


Tool for editing ASUR models for the design of Mixed Interactive Systems (augmented reality, mixed reality) [Science of Computer Programming 2014; Studies in Computational Intelligence, 2011; Models in Software Engineering 2008]

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