OTAWA is an open-source toolbox dedicated to static WCET analysis.

It includes built-in facilities to read an executable application code (several instruction sets architectures are supported), to extract its control flow graph, to annotate the control flow graph with various kinds of information produced by various analyses (e.g. loop headers, cache behaviour of instructions, worst-case exection time of basic blocks, etc.), or to generate an integer linear program that maximises the global execution time over all the possible execution paths. Users can extend the framework by implementing their own analyses. OTAWA can be used from the command line or through an Eclipse plugin.

Get further information on the OTAWA website.

Reference paper

Clément Ballabriga, Hugues Cassé, Christine Rochange, Pascal Sainrat, OTAWA: An Open Toolbox for Adaptive WCET Analysis, Software Technologies for Embedded and Ubiquitous Systems (SEUS), 2010. pdf